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Human Capital Management System (HCMS)

EYP’s Human Capital Management System (EYPHCMS) comprises of applicant tracking, testing and assessment, employee qualification, career pathing, workforce scheduler and time keeping, employee appraisal, payroll, bonus and merit and online opinion polling and survey modules.

The modules for this system are explained below in more detail;


EYP Applicant Tracking Module (EYPATM) can automate many of the steps in the applicant hiring process in your company. EYPATM comes with a fully integrated interviewing system that provides for feedback and rating for selected skills and competencies.  It can increase the productivity of managers and interviewers in the hiring process by streamlining the sharing of applicant information during the interviewing process.  EYPATM further allows you to keep an extensive database of all applicants you have considered for a position, which can be used as an ongoing source of pre-qualified applicants for other positions that open up within your company.

With EYPATM, managers can search the application for languages applicants can read, write, or speak. Along with occupational industries, areas of expertise, certification, and courses completed.

Key features and benefits:

  • Applicant fills out their own application, saving you money by reducing your data entry requirements
  • HR managers control what information they want to ask using our self-delegated administrative web site.
  • You can search for words or phrases
  • You can search for occupations, certifications, languages and other differentiating qualifications.
  • Once you narrow your search, you can email those applicants informing them of possible job opportunities, saving your company time and money.
  • Set predetermined limits on how long applicant information is kept.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your company’s current ERP system.
  • Perform intelligent routing using our assessment system as a front end.
  • This provides an automated notification of applicants who have meet the defined selection criteria.
  • Integrate with your current web site to preserve branding and ease of use for applicants.
  • HR Managers can modify designated areas of the application without requiring any programming or coding knowledge. This allows changes to be performed in a rapid manner, giving your company a competitive edge.
  • Fully integrated into all modules with Contractor Management System


EYP’s Online Testing Module may be configured in any number of styles, including multiple choice and short answer/essay formats, and will support the inclusion of imagery and multimedia resources.  To support a formalized certification process, course administrators may implement more sophisticated test designs: random question selection; imposition of time limits; direct each participant to a different series of questions based upon their test question responses.  Test results can be reported in a variety of ways to meet an organization’s requirements, from simple percentages and rankings to cross-tab calculations and trending.  Individual student and group report cards can be published for individual tests, specific courses or an entire field of study, and automatic e-mail with the test results may be generated and delivered for formal recordkeeping.


Once the applicant becomes an employee, EYP’s Employee Qualification Module then assumes responsibility for maintaining a centralized repository of all information relevant to each employee.  This facilitates the process of matching current employee skill sets with open job requisitions, thereby minimizing the need to add new personnel by redeploying existing employees with the requisite skill sets for the position.


With EYP’s Career Pathing Module, a formal plan can be created and maintained so that an enterprise can realize the growth potential within their employee base.  Managers and employees can investigate specific positions within the company to support an employee’s career aspirations; determine specific skill sets needed in order to achieve their career goals; identify specific training requirements to acquire the expertise necessary for each position; and document the employee’s progress towards meeting these objectives.  In addition to the planning component, the Career Pathing Module maintains an extensive database of each employee’s specific assignments, allows employees to search for career advancement opportunities within the enterprise, and matches their experience with the requirements associated with these positions.


With EYP’s Workforce Scheduling Module (EYPWSM) the employee can enter time and submit to management for approval, view work schedules, and fill out work requests all completed over the web. All of the information is validated and pass through to the payroll system for processing.

Key features and benefits:

  • Displays and monitors employees work schedule over the web or internal network.
  • Provides Centralize work scheduling management for improved efficiency.
  • Creates a proactive work scheduling environment.
  • Provides for audit trails to track both work requests and management response to the requests.
  • Allow employees to enter and track work requests up to one year in advance.
  • Uses email for notification to reduce the need of finding the right individual and keeping track of paper.
  • System has a built work request process flow system to reduce the need for human intervention.
  • Reduces the impromptu work request oversights that lead to employee frustration.
  • Provides for an auditable work history for each employee.
  • Integrates with your current web site to preserve branding and ease of use for applicants.


The appraisal system improves efficiencies by tracking an employee’s progress. It allows you to keep an extensive database of all required tasks for an employee and their status. The system also keeps historical information and allows you to bring forward tasks that have not been completed. Employees can enter their tasks as they are completed.

Key features and benefits:

  • Track dates that assignments were completed
  • Track management sign off dates
  • Provides for manager or supervisor final approval
  • Track employee progress with current information available year round.
  • Create employee specific assignments
  • Show employees current progress
  • Carry forward assignments that were not completed from previous appraisals
  • Integrates employees educational planning
  • Provides you with a defensible appraisal process, which may reduce your organizations exposure to potential problems.
  • Integrate with your current web site to preserve branding and ease of use for applicants.
  • Integrates with our web based career pathing system.


EYP Payroll Module (EYPPAYROLL) provides the ability to set up complicated payroll algorithms without having to enter the calculation manually. Once an employee’s payroll information has been entered the employee must logon with username and password to view their payroll information. If the employee is a manager then they are able to view any payroll information for the employees that they manage.


EYP’s bonus merit module allows you to allocate bonus and merits to employees in a systematic and orderly method. The bonus merit system allows you to track how much is being awarded to each employee and to verify that each manager has not exceeded their budget.

Key features and benefits:

  • Allows you to submit your bonus and merit suggestions to your manager in an organized fashion. As a manager you can provide comments to explain the salary and bonus recommendations you are making.
  • Allows you to view all pending bonus or merit actions in which you as a manger are required to review or provide a response.
  • Allows you to view all completed requests and to view the requests and comments provided.
  • All Emails that are generated by the bonus merit system are recorded and kept for viewing by the manager and for historical record keeping.
  • Provides the ability to run standard reports that are provided with the system. Additionally, you can create your own custom reports and save them for future reporting. Management is provided top down viewing capability.  Administrators can turn on/off fields and support staff with ad-hoc views.
  • Provides the first line manager with a dashboard view of their recommendations, pending actions, completed actions, notifications, reports, merit pool information, and bonus pool information. The manager can make bonus and merit recommendations based upon their targets and pool allocations.
  • Provides the first line manager with a dashboard view of their recommendations, pending actions, completed actions, notifications, reports, merit pool information, and bonus pool information. Additionally, the manager can view bonus and merit recommendations and pool of their subordinate managers. There is also an area to view approved and pending approval recommendations. The manager can make bonus and merit recommendations based upon their targets and pool allocations.
  • When recommendations are submitted, the system will recalculate the bonus and merit pool information thereby allowing the second line managers to know how much of their pool is remaining and can be awarded to their direct reports. Pools are recalculated once a recommendation is made and the remaining pool amounts are displayed in both dollars and percentages to assist the manager in ensuring they are achieving their company targets.


EYP’s Online Opinion Poll/Survey Module (EYPOPM) administers opinion polls with an interactive opinion module. It combines multiple choices, short answers, or essay question formats to match your specific inquiry requirements.

Key features and benefits:

  • Set time limits for opinion polls to ensure convenience for participants.
  • Include multimedia video and images to capture responses based on visual feedback instead of just text descriptions.
  • Assign unique control number to every participant to track opinion poll results on an individual, group, or comparative basis.
  • Generate tracking and measurement reports instantly or at regular time intervals for the fastest and most convenient analysis of opinion poll responses.
  • Use the simple management tools and graphical interface to update questions, tracking information, or report parameter on the fly.
  • Flexible opinion poll formats allow you to determine question layout and information style – mix and match multiple choices, free response, short essay and other question
  • Set different levels of password-protected access to streamline participant, management and reporting functions.
  • Store and track all opinion poll information and responses in a sophisticated database for simple management and analysis – no more web programming to change questions, just type new information into the template cells and your online opinion poll is updated immediately.
  • Integrate the opinion poll system with your existing website for seamless navigation and redirection for participants.
  • Restrict access to computer using our integrated firewall system.
  • Intelligently direct participants to additional questions based upon previous answers.