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EYP provides workforce-based engineering services and professionals to the aerospace, avionics, consumer products, medical device, telecommunications, automotive and electronic product markets. Our Subject Matter Experts (SME) of engineers are selected to understand your particular engineering development needs and to identify and provide the right engineer and/or engineering team with the right skills to support you on your requirements. We have significant experience completing full life cycle embedded software development efforts with a special emphasis on safety critical software systems. Whether you need to develop new software, obtain regulatory certification, or document your products and processes, EYP engineering services can provide the right solutions for your organization.


EYP engineering implements full life cycle development for electronic products that are embedded within those products. The focus of our embedded solutions is software engineering, hardware development and test equipment engineering. Our engineers have detailed knowledge of RTCA/DO-178B levels. With each engineer deployed to our client sites, EYP ensures ITAR compliance.

Our approach is as follows:

Identify - Data Gathering. An EYP (SME) gathers key information regarding customer requirements.

Assess - Qualification Review. The EYP engineering (SME) will assess the capabilities of each candidate to ensure that each one has the skills to achieve the job assigned to them.

Deliver - Assign Candidates. Engineering candidates that meet the qualifications for the opportunity are submitted to client for review, acceptance and assignment.lacing systems and/or processes into fulltime use within the organization.


The E-Y-P Process is as easy as A-B-C. EYP utilizes its (SME) team to implement the following process:

Embedded Software Development

  • Systems Engineering
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Integration
  • Test
  • Software QA

Embedded Hardware Development

  • Systems
  • Circuit Board Design (Analog, Digital, RF)
  • ASIC & FPGA Design
  • CAD/CAM Designer/Drafter
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Mechanical Technician

Equipment Test Development

  • Systems Testing
  • Hardware Design Testing
  • Software Equipment Testing

Putting it Together